Fair weather testing

The recent beautiful days have led us to spend our studio time outside. This week, at the midterms point, the sun and heat was a much needed environment to set up some of the things we've been working on, and to pass out on the grass. Make sure to check out our main blog and connect with our other blogs as well!

Full scale modeling

Because of the nature of this project, it makes sense to dive right into full scale modeling; to start understanding process and actual fit and function. This first stage had reveled a number of things. To start off, the hole where the ropes are going through needs extra reinforcement, as much of the stress of the folded bag will be at this point. The corners of the tarp, when folded, end up being excessive and bothersome. Also, the folding used so far, while being simple, has the potential of being a messy process, which means that there must be strong visual information for folding and securing. More to consider is the integration of an interior pocket for other necessary items like shoes and chalk and some well deserved granola bar's after a summit.

A few cool things to note...the webbing used to secure Karp when folded offer good loops for clipping on other things. On this model the placement is still not quite right, but will be worked through. Another cool thing is that because Karp opens completely flat, there is NO WAY specs of dirt and rocks will get trapped in seams that cannot be easily be shaken out.

It's not yet pictured, but Karp sits nicely between the shoulder blades and even without padding is a comfortable and natural fit. When the corp goes over the shoulders and around the back, tied in front, Karp and the cord become an extension of the body sitting close and tight and secure to the body.

Materials on the way!