Environment Initiative

The underlying question in the vast majority of product design is that of material. A good product works, no, more than that, it performs with consistency, accountability, as close to effortlessly as possible. It is reliable, lasting, and that product had better be damn right beautiful. Its success is the result of so many threads. As mentioned before, Function, Lifespan, Aesthetic, and as well, Production Impact, Price Point, and the Aftermath. These are huge. Material drives absolutely all of these categories. It's not the sole driving factor but it's a big one. Maybe the biggest one.

That said, searching for the right material is a gigantic process with so many things to consider. For Karp, there are certain qualities that I need, that I want, and that I feel responsible to uphold. The hardest part is the feeling that no matter how little of an negative impact results, there is STILL a negative impact... whether in energy, fossil fuel, manufacturing costs, contributing to a chaotic monster consumer economy, water usage....the list is incredibly long.

More than just thoughts...

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