Going forth

As one of the 7 designers within studio to summit of Pratt Institute, this is a page devoted to the documentation of research, ideation, testing, prototyping and proceeding growth of my project.

This project had been formed as a result of my own experiences with climbing, particularly as from our group's previous trip to Ecuador. More specifically, this project revolves around climbing rope and its storage, considering associated behaviors, interactions, uses, and devices.

The problem will be assessed with the following outline.

  • What does a system for cord storage and protection look like when it is designed in light of the intuitive nature of the cord?

  • What is a clear visual language that informs and directs the user in proper care and practice and how can it be incorporated into the storage system?

  • How can these both be achieved with priority placed on finding the most minimal solution as to reduce material and production methods, and at the same time increase the life span of the cord?

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