Using Intuition

Rope begs for certain interaction: this is why it is so good in it's implementation. It wants to be pulled, to be coiled. It requires repetition in it's use because of it's continuity and extensive, consistent qualities. It only makes sense to use this nature of cord to it and the user's benefit. Without any extra materials, products, or complicated directions, rope can be ordered and organized to fit in unison with a person's body for carrying purposes. This process of tying, winding, and organizing the rope into a compact entity makes it possible to carry it in the most natural and intuitive way. It also keeps the cord in great condition for lifespan and use by keeping it together and ready to use. It is so easy to end up in a frustrating situation with the amount of cord needed for climbing and trekking. All too easily it can be knotted and messy.

Basing a product around this capability of rope is a way to minimize the amount of extra things needed to contain it. It can cut material needs, provide and informative and instinctive behavior, and maintain a high level of order for increased ease in use.

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