2nd model

Having completed one full scale sketch model, there's an abundance of information to work with to refine and guide the design. The image on the left shows the first and second designs: the first one is the most simple, basic square shape. As found in the first model, there is the issue of the corners. When being folded the corners become excess fabric that is harder to deal with, and needs to have a designated location to secure to, so that the final folded bag is clean and ordered and composed in such a way that the 2 dimensional tarp is transformed. The first model also lacked any kind of graphic information directing the user on placement and folding/ bagging. The second model uses a different footprint; one that will be more space efficient and well planned out for bagging, while still being the right amount of material to protect the cord from the ground. the triangle tabs are reinforcements for a two sides of a strap that will secure the middle. That was also an issue with the first model. The only two points of connection holding the tarp together as a bag were one from the top and one from the bottom. This method relied on the right and left side tucking in and staying in place, but another security is needed.

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