Working with bamboo

Another senior project that has been underway for the past couple months is a study and exploration of bamboo with the intentions of designing and making a chair. The idea has been to focus on the method for jointing the bamboo with solid wood: I've been expand on the typical binding methods, seeking something that has a more fluid and consistent transition between the solid wood and bamboo. Bamboo is such a great material, but has a very distinct look and method for building that makes it so different from solid woods. I've been aiming at finding new ways for using bamboo that make it more of a refined material, less jungle looking and more of a modern minimal aesthetic. The issue of supplying bamboo has made me really focus on the reason that I'm using this material; unlike most other natural building materials, bamboo grows rapidly and has a huge potential within the realm of sustainability. In light of being sustainable, finding local suppliers has been important. The bamboo industry within the United States is fed by a few major companies, but many smaller bamboo based product and furniture fabricators have established local relationships. This weekend, I was able to pick up some bamboo that was grown a New Jersey backyard and I've set to work drying it.

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